Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday I forgot to call my Dad to wish him happy birthday until it was too late (time difference), Kinsey was up at 4am this morning so I am tired and hurting, and tonight I'm not at all motivated to make dinner.  I'm not exactly having a happy-yay-jump-for-joy kind of day.

These are the days that make me think of my friend, Leatrice, and my co-worker, Janice.  Both have had Lupus for a while.  Leatrice seems to have endless motivation to go to social activities, plan fun things to do with her daughter, cook, and be crafty.  Janice is so faithful about coming to work and working so hard despite her advanced illness.  Whatever illness I have is not nearly as advanced as theirs, and yet I struggle to envision myself doing all the things they do with such determination.

I'm thankful they are in my life, to give me inspiration and hope on days like these.

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