Saturday, July 9, 2011

June in Review

I'm not sure how much more I'll be blogging, but I realized I would like to keep writing about Kinsey and what we're doing because I will want to look back and read about it in the years ahead.

Things seemed like they were a little more steady for me at work this month, so I felt like I got into somewhat of a pattern which feels good.  I'm still a little torn on how much God wants me to be working.  I don't feel very in tune with what He wants probably because I'm spending very little time with Him.  I need some radical changes in my attitudes, decisions, and desires.

We went to Chris' house for a Memorial Day picnic.  It's always a good time going over there and feels like family.  Without them we would feel a lot more lonely on the holidays! 

Kinsey's child dedication was the first weekend in June.  I blogged about it in a previous post.

All three of us caught a cold toward the end of June and I ended up taking almost a whole week off work.  It was not a fun time.  Kinsey was a trooper though and it didn't really even seem to bring her down.

We finally got our pool up and running so we were able to go swimming a few days.  I think we fixed it around the middle of the month so every day I'm off I've been swimming with her since then.  She loves to swim and when we get her suit on and go outside she says, "Yaaa!"  She still says that to a lot of things though, it's very cute. 

She also started feeding herself with a spoon.  She doesn't get much on the spoon and half of what she does get ends up on her bib, but she totally gets how it's done. 

She still cannot get enough of books.  She will bring you one, turn around, back up to you, and sit down in your lap. 

Her latest obsession is the vacuum, which she calls "up".  Our floors stay well vacuumed because of this!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Status Update

I was about to post this status on Facebook:
"I'm thinking the two huge bumps in Kinsey's gums would explain her fussing and me getting called from the nursery early to come get her tonight."

So many times I write a status like this and then think, "Who really cares?" and erase it, like I did tonight.  Status updates seem like a way for us to be known by others.  It feels so vain.  I don't mind reading status updates of friends I am very close to.  I also like reading updates from people who have a sense of humor.  But mostly, it's just about details in life that we all experience.   Does everyone really need to know when Kinsey is teething or when she started eating with a spoon?  All my Facebook parent friends experience these times so it's nothing new to them.  The friends I am close to know what's going on without my status update because I already talk to them almost daily.  So what's the point?

It's just a weird phenomenon to me, and for some reason I still do it.  Not much different than blogging, but I'm still doing that too.  For all 2 of my readers...haha.  I really don't know my purpose in all this social media.  Is it actually some sort of addiction?