Thursday, August 4, 2011


At the beginning of the month David and I went to Scottsdale for two nights, and Kinsey stayed with Chris.  It was so relaxing.  We met my cousin for dinner on Saturday night.  On Sunday we went to the Arizona Mills Mall and David couldn't stop buying stuff for Kinsey.  We also went swimming and went to dinner at Four Peaks Pub.  On Monday we stopped at IKEA on the way home because David had never been.  Oh, and lots of naps were involved, of course!  We can't wait for our next getaway!

We held a going away party at our house for some dear friends who are off to spend a year in Phoenix for an internship before heading to India as missionaries.

I went with a couple friends to spend the night on Mt. Lemmon in a cabin.  It was very nice, I'm getting very spoiled with getaways!  I'm ready to go back!

Kinsey had her 15 month check up and is doing great.  She does get a rash around her mouth with acidic foods but it doesn't bother her, so the pediatrician said to just keep giving her those foods, no worries.  There was this really long questionnaire I had to fill out about her development and there was one area where she didn't quite meet up to norms, but I don't remember what it was.  Some of the stuff on the questionnaire I couldn't answer because I just had never seen her do what they asked...for example putting something small like a cheerio into something like a water bottle.  Huh?  So I'm not at all concerned about her supposedly being behind in some area.  She seems perfectly normal to me! 

The only other thing we really talked about was her weight because she is very "healthy" in that area.  I had been giving her 2 percent milk because I figured based on her appearance she was getting plenty of fat in her diet so I thought I'd trim in that area.  Pediatrician said not to do that, she needs the fat for brain development.  I'm not convinced she actually needs it because like I said she looks like she's holding on to plenty of it.  But, I switched her back to whole milk anyways because that's what I'm supposed to do.  I was worrying a lot about whether I was feeding Kinsey properly and how her mealtimes were going.  But I talked with one of my friends and she said basically as long as I'm feeding her good foods, to stop worrying.  She doesn't eat junk food at home except on rare occasions, otherwise I do fruits, veggies, dairy, bread, eggs, and some meats.  She doesn't seem to be a big meat eater but since she eats eggs I let it go.  She used to love lunch meat but now she won't eat more than one or two bites.

Her favorite word is puppy.  She wakes up saying this word, says it all day long, and sometimes it's the last word she says before she goes into her crib.  I have a bunch of stuffed animals from when I was younger and one of them is a Pound Puppy.  It is her absolute favorite.  She also has a knit blanket made by my grandmother that was mine when I was a baby.  She will laugh or shriek when she sees either one of them if they haven't been in sight in a while.

She also is big into testing limits now.  Standing up on the couch, hitting, kicking when we change her diaper, and on and on.  She gets a nice healthy amount of pack n play time each day when she's doing these things!