Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Months

Two big events this past month!  Kinsey started crawling, then she got her first two tooth!  The crawling came on the last couple days on our trip back east.  She had been up on her hands and knees rocking for a few weeks, then finally put the pieces together.  I think her crawl is so adorable!  She LOVES to chase the cat and crawl on the dogs.  She also immediately started trying to pull herself up when she's near the couch or anything vertical.  She can do it on her own occasionally if what she is leaning on is the right height.

When we got home from our trip back east, we thought it would take a few days for Kinsey to get back into her routine.  She was really fussy and needed a lot of attention.  I was getting worried that it was some new personality thing that she needed to be held all the time to be happy.  One day she was super fussy, and I just was so stressed out about how to change this in her.  Then the next day I felt a tooth!  I had been feeling her bottom gums every few days for several weeks, but that day I finally felt something sharp.  We gave her some ibuprofen, and it was like we had a new baby!  So now every time she is fussy I blame it on teething, ha.

Kinsey also started clapping yesterday.  Well, it's more like throwing her hands together at the same time.  But she laughs when she does it, so cute!

Here are the pictures from the last month.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Six Months

Kinsey turned 6 months old a week and a half ago. 

During the month she started eating much more solid food.  She's had carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and green beans.  The only thing she seems to really enjoy is her cereal, but she won't refuse any of the others.

She is getting much closer to crawling.  I am looking forward to it so she can discover new things on her own.  Everyone tells me I will wish she was back to being stationary, but I'm just in the looking-forward-to-it stage right now. 

We really cracked down on the "crying it out" for her naptimes.  It works great.  She was getting too darn heavy for me to try to rock her in my arms to soothe her to sleep.  We had only been halfway letting her calm herself, but now we are all the way there.  It is much less stressful.  I don't find either way to be good or bad, because if you're able to soothe your baby to sleep and she goes down and stays down, I think that's great.  It's sweet having her fall asleep in my arms, but I'm just not strong enough and she will wake up and start crying anyways if she's not fully asleep when I set her down.  She really doesn't cry much now when we put her down, 5-10 minutes is usually all.  I tell myself in the midst of her crying that it's good for her to burn off extra energy!

We finalized the adoption on September 20th.  It was great, I posted a previous blog about it.

Bathtime has become one of our favorites.  I put her in the Bumbo and she kicks her feet like crazy and splashes the water with her hands.  It will entertain her for quite a while so I can just soak in the tub with her and relax myself. 

Finally, at the very end of the month, Kinsey got sick.  It was a Thursday night and she was unusally calm before bedtime.  I went to feed her the last feeding, and she wouldn't take it, which was strange.  I figured no big deal, she just wasn't hungry for some reason.  As I was taking her back to her room to put her down, she threw up all over me.  Now I definitely know the difference between baby vomit and spit up!  She never had a fever, but was dehydrated from vomiting twice and having diarrhea.  So we gave her some pedialyte when she woke up the next morning (she still slept all through the night, whew) and eventually gave her some formula.  She still had diarrhea for a few days after, but was mostly back to normal by the next day. 

David and I both got sick too the next day, right before we were scheduled to fly back East.  We decided to delay our flights several hours so we could recover.  It ended up being ok; we made it to Florida without any major bumps, although we were pretty drained.  I found out the day Kinsey got sick that my friend's baby got sick too, and they had been in the nursery together at MOPS on Tuesday morning, so something must have been going around there.  In the middle of it all David and I were kinda miserable but looking back it probably wasn't that bad, and now we know a little bit of what to expect when sickness comes to the Gibson household next time!

Here are the pics from the previous month!