Saturday, November 5, 2011


The last couple days have been worrisome for me.  David actually couldn't go to work on Thursday because he was too tired.  He slept pretty much the whole day except for lunchtime and dinnertime.  Then on Friday he went to work but was so tired and didn't feel like he could do his job because he was too sleepy.  David has always worked sick unless he was absolutely, head-in-the-toilet kind of sick.  So for him to stay home two days in a row was a big deal.  I was home with him Thursday.  Friday I went home early from work because I was was so worried about him. 

He decided after coming home Friday to go back on his previous medication regimen that gave him some side effects but that did help with his alertness some.  And for the first time in weeks I saw a little bit of light in his face!  It was so encouraging and refreshing.  It may only be a temporary fix because of the side effects but still I'm thanking God for a little bit of hope.  I'd been getting more and more worried each day, wondering how he was possibly going to enjoy life.  At the same time, being worried gave me the opportunity to trust in God, something I can easily ignore when I have little to worry about.  So while I'm praising God for the little bit of hope, I'm also thankful for the opportunity to accept God's sovereignty in my life in the midst of uncertainty.