Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Blogging

I was going to stop blogging about everything except Kinsey's milestones.  I changed my mind.  Sometimes there is nothing more encouraging to read older blogs.  I could just write my own journal but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be nearly as consistent because I would get lazy, since I'd know I'd only be disappointing myself.  If I make it more public people might expect posts every now and then.  And it's easier to let myself down than to let others down!

I think I've mentioned before about a different church we started attending last November, Revolution.  I can tell my life has been gradually changing the longer we attend.  Currently we are doing a 4 week marriage study and it has knocked my socks off.  Our marriage is CHANGED!  It is fantastic.  We really had to be truthful about what our priorities had become.  We had to be reminded that becoming Christlike is the aim in marriage.  And as spouses we need to do whatever it takes to encourage our spouse to seek Christ and his likeness.

More when it's not so late.  I'm trying to decide if I have enough energy to make it to the bedroom or if I should just crash on the couch!!