Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Full

I have no idea why I love blogging, but I do!  Sometimes I think in blog.  Weird, I know.

Yesterday I asked Leatrice about the feeling I get when I look at Kinsey sometimes.  How I am just overcome with a feeling of fullness, completeness, happiness...there aren't words quite good enough to describe the feeling.  I wanted to know if that feeling starts to fade at some point, like she just becomes part of your everyday life and you don't really think about how amazing it is that she's here, that she's our daughter.  She said it doesn't go away, that sometimes she feels so happy and full that she is going to explode. 

I asked her to please not explode, I would be really sad without her ;) 

Now, please don't everyone think that I am all rose colored glasses, or that Kinsey never gives me any frustrations.  She does, I promise!  But the good times far outweigh any tough times, so they end up seeming insignificant to write about.

This is my favorite recent picture:


cara said...

Ahh yes! I love this. Even in the toughest of days full of ridiculous whining and tantrum throwing all she has to do is laugh and I instantly feel full of love and thankfulness for her. I'm happy for your experiences with this.

Aubrey said...

What a great photo! I love the belly rolls. And I definitely feel the same way about Judah, although we had a rough day today. :) Hopefully tomorrow will be better. So I only started doing cloth diapers within the last couple of weeks. I'd definitely say it would be worth it - most of my diapers are one size, so he'll hopefully be in them until he's potty trained. Which for most kids is around 2.5 or so. I think I've spent maybe 250$ on the diapers I've gotten, which mostly I bought used to save a little money. Obviously there are costs associated with washing them, but I'm sure I'm still coming out ahead. I wash every other day right now, and it doesn't feel like a burden at all. I'm mostly drying on a drying rack, so no real costs to dry them. I do think money-wise they'd still be worth it, especially if there might be more kids in your future. (I say that as one (infertile) new mommy to another - I know that the thought of another baby right now is probably overwhelming and it's nice not to have to think about what may or may not be in the future.)

One reason I waited (besides wanting to be done with residency) was that now he's pooping much less frequently so there aren't quite as many diapers changes during the day. And I still use a disposable one at night - he's not sleeping especially great these last few days and I don't want him waking up because his diaper feels wet right now.

I'm not that knowledgeable about cloth diapers yet, but I am really enjoying them. Feel free to email me if you have any questions - I really only know what my SIL has taught me, which is just enough to get by. But I'd be happy to tell you about my experience.

Wow. That was a long comment. I should have just sent you an email.