Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Month 5

5 months old today!

The newest thing this month was starting baby food.  I didn't have a timeline in mind for when to start, but she began making these chewing motions so we thought maybe it was time.  Last week we gave her rice cereal which she seemed indifferent to.  After about the third feeding she started swallowing better.  Then yesterday we gave her carrots.  At first she gave us a "Gross!" face but then once it was in her mouth for a bit she was fine.  I feed her in the Bumbo and it works pretty well.  No pooping abnormalities yet!  This morning she spit up and there was plenty of orange color to it, so I know at least some of it made it into her stomach.

Speaking of poop, if I don't throw the diapers away in the pail immediately, the dogs will jump on the counter and grab them, tear them apart, and eat the poop out of them.  That really deserves a "Gross!"

Sleeping is still not a problem, although now that she can roll on her tummy she wakes up sooner (at least I think that's the main reason).  She will only tolerate her tummy for a little bit before she gets fussy.  She is able to fall asleep on her tummy, but only at night it seems.  I can't swaddle her too much anymore, because she is capable of rolling onto her tummy in the swaddle.  That just doesn't seem safe!  However, the two times it happened she was sound asleep.  She even rolled back over onto her back once.  How she managed to do that is beyond me!  I also have a hard time letting her cry it out because that means she will roll onto her tummy and not fall asleep.  So I've been rocking her.  I'm thinking I can go back to the crying it out method once she is able to roll both ways.  At some point she'll need to learn to soothe herself.  It worked really well before she could roll, but now that she can roll it's a different story.  But, I'm thinking in another month or so she'll be rolling both ways and this issue will be irrelevant.  All that said, she is sleeping about 8-10 hours at night, with 2-3 naps during the day.

Kinsey found her voice this month.  She learned to squeal and shriek.  She hasn't been doing it as much lately as when she first discovered it. 

One thing about Kinsey right now is that she is all smiles.  We saw the birth mother and her family on Sunday for a couple hours.  The whole time everyone was holding her she was just smiling away!  It makes me smile when I think about her smiles!

This month we went to Lake Patagonia with some friends for the day.  It was really nice!  We went swimming and played a game.  Kinsey enjoyed the water and took a nap after that.  I didn't realize how pretty it is in that area.

We go swimming just about every day I am not working.  She loves it and splashes around with her hands and kicks her feet.  She doesn't care for sitting in the floaties too much but she is a little small for them anyways.  Once the weather gets cooler I'm not sure what we'll do!

Here are the pictures from the last month!

Month 5

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