Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 10 - Roll Over and Nursery Time

Kinsey does not like tummy time, and I probably only give her 5 or 10 minutes a day of it, rather than the 20 minutes the nurses in the hospital told me to give her.  I'm pretty sure it won't affect the rest of her life though ;)  She is starting to be able to lift her head up and even her chest while she is on her stomach, so we finally saw some progress!  Also, one time earlier in the week I put her on her tummy with one arm crossed under her, and she flipped herself onto her back!  So of course I did that a few more times for my own entertainment.  Plus, she can get her legs tucked under her with her butt in the air, so cute.  She is starting to turn on her side almost every time I put her under her play gym mat.

On Sunday evening we put her in the nursery for church!  I was completely nervous the whole time that she would get fussy for the workers and give them a hard time.  Although probably a normal feeling, it was somewhat irrational because she is rarely very fussy anymore.  When we went to pick her up after the service, the lady in charge was holding her and one of the middle school girls was talking to her, it was cute.  They said she got a little fussy in the beginning so they took her out of her car seat and changed her diaper.  I'm guessing it was because she was getting tired of being in her car seat; she doesn't like to stay in there very long unless she's sleeping or moving in the car.  So all in all, a success and I will feel more confident next time. 

I am a day late posting, so I will go ahead and report on her 2 month well baby check, which was today.  13 pounds 13 ounces put her in the 90th percentile.  She is 23 inches and head circumference is 40 cm, those I think are 75th percentile.  She also had three shots, and cried for a few seconds and then was fine.  However, a few hours later she was very fussy and inconsolable for a short amount of time.  I was watching my cousin's son at the time and my cousin was on her way home, so I asked her to pick up some infant tylenol.  She did, but of course when she got home I was able to get her back asleep.  I could have just waited to get it after my cousin came home, but I suppose first time Mom with first time shots gives me a pass to mini-freak out once, right?  I gave her the medicine and she has been better the rest of the day, slightly more fussy than normal but only noticeable by me I'm sure.

I'm planning an upcoming post about how often I "feel bad" about so many things.  I have more to ponder on this before I post, though.

Here are a couple pictures from the week...

This one is so cute because it was before we went swimming, so I imagine her to be saying, "Can we get on with the swimming and stop all this picture taking puhleeease?"

Here is a good Daddy in uniform with daughter picture:

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