Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 11 - Visit from Grandpa!

Grandpa came to visit Friday-Tuesday.  It was a great visit!  Kinsey smiled a lot for him.  We went to my cousin's softball game on Saturday morning.  He helped us fix our creaky bedroom door on Sunday, and on Monday we went to my cousin's and spent the day there.  I absolutely love living in the same city with family.  I had my grandparents around when I was growing up, and I certainly took it for granted then.  Now I really cherish the time we get to spend with family, and living in the same place is awesome.

Yesterday Kinsey did a fabulous job of napping.  Then, I decided to try to have her sleep at night without swaddling her.  She has gone down without any problems during the day for her naps without swaddling her, so I decided I might as well try it.  My friend Danielle told me a while back to go ahead and try something if you want, because if you botch it up, you'll only do it once!  Anyways, Kinsey slept 7 hours straight so I'm thinking that's a great sign. 

Here is my napping queen yesterday:

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