Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a Workin' Woman!

I've had two days back to work now.  Kinsey was normal over the weekend.  I felt like I really cherished the time I had with her.  Being away from her really makes me want to love on her all that much more when I'm with her. 

Yesterday I worked and she went to the babysitter's house.  David picked her up after work and at home I played with her a little.  We shared smiles and play time.  She went her normal 3 1/2 hours until her feeding which was nice.  Then I put her to bed like normal, and she slept a full 11 hours!  So whatever the babysitter did that day, I'm all for it!  One thing I know I'm going to have to learn in being a working Mom is to be more flexible.  I have been very schedule driven which I think goes along well with my personality and makes the stress less.  But, since she's not going to be with me all the time, I know that I can't control everything.  I talked to the babysitter about my work schedule and we got to talking about how things are going, and she said she generally feeds based on cues.  So sometimes she will go 2 1/2 hours or 3 hours, instead of my normal 3 1/2.  That's different from my approach, but I know it's not a wrong approach.  Most mothers probably feed more like that anyways.  The only problem would be if it starts affecting Kinsey's mood or sleeping habits I would think, but I kinda doubt it.  And if that happened, I feel completely comfortable at this point talking to the babysitter about coming up with a solution. 

I also asked her if it was ok if I brought Kinsey over in the morning without having fed her yet.  The reason is because I hate to wake her up just to feed her so we can leave.  I would prefer she wake up a little more naturally.  Since she's sleeping so much longer now, that would require me putting her down around 7pm in order for her to get her full night's sleep.  I don't want to only have an hour and a half with her at night, so I'd still like to keep her up for a while.  Getting her up and into the carseat might end up waking her anyways, but at least it will be a little later so she can sleep a little longer.  The babysitter was totally fine with that.

I don't have a lot of days scheduled to work in July.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  On one hand, I'll love it, on the other hand, the extra money would be nice.  We'll see!!

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