Monday, July 19, 2010


Last night David and I went to church.  It was one of the most practical and inspiring sermons I have heard in a while.  I believe much of that has to do with my heart actually wanting to hear truth last night. 

The pastor showed a clip of the movie, Up.  If you haven't seen the movie, the cartoon dogs can talk but they get distracted and shout "Squirrel!".  I'm not sure whether they see a squirrel, smell one, or think about one, because I haven't seen the movie, but for now it is beside the point.  They stop everything they're doing, whether it is simply talking to one another or whether they are on some sort of mission.  Squirrels block everything out so they can't focus on what they were trying to accomplish.

Our pastor implied we get the same way.  Instead of focusing on God we get distracted and our attention gets caught by something else so much that we completely lose sight of our purpose.  I was so inspired last night and had more serious talks with God than I have had in a while.

However, I woke up this morning and apparently a squirrel was in my bedroom.  You see, last night I wrote an email in an attempt to reconcile/understand a troubling relationship from my past with a friend.  This morning I woke up dwelling on that relationship, being bitter about how it has caused me to feel, and completely lost sight of the desire I had last night to shift my thoughts and actions toward God.  Now I'm struggling to regain my focus and to remember than my significance and my security lies in God alone, not in how I am viewed by others, specifically right now this person.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, even though I'm not a huge fan of cartoon movies yet (I know I will have to be in the near future).  I am curious about relating my life to these dogs who get distracted by squirrels!


cara said...

I've totally done that. Hope you can regain focus and do whatever would bring honor to God in that situation.

Rachel said...

it is an amazing movie!! that is a great illustration too