Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week 8 - A Breeze!

Moni is never far from her.

This week was a breeze!  Hallelujah!  She has been napping wonderfully.  A couple times I even swaddled her and put her right down in her crib and she fell asleep without a fuss for her nap.

As for sleeping at night, she went 5 hours a couple of times over the weekend, then last night I decided to go ahead and put her down after I fed her at 8, and she went 6 hours!  Yay!  I think the problem was waking her up to try to feed her "one last time" before putting her to bed.  She would nap pretty hard in the evening before bed, but it didn't occur to us to put her down before she started that nap.  The only problem is that it is on the early side for me to go ahead and go to bed at that time to get enough sleep for myself, but it won't be forever because eventually she will sleep longer and longer so I can go to bed later and still get enough sleep.

Another development yesterday and today was that I got my own nap!  Two days in a row, now that's a record.  I don't think I've napped at all while David has been at work.  I'm hoping the pattern will continue.  Normally by Friday I'm completely zonked out so I would love it if the napping allows me to have more energy through the week as well.

I had a couple friends watch her last week, once on Thursday and once on Friday while I went to some appointments. I definitely missed her. Then on Saturday I went with some friends to lunch and a movie while David watcher her.  I had a BLAST but missed her a lot then too. Going back to work is going to be tough!

She can now hold her head up pretty well.  She can't lift it off her chest, but I can tell her neck is getting stronger.  Her eyelashes have filled in.  We bought another bouncy seat so we can have one for the babysitter when I go back to work and one here.  She has so much fun in it!  It is the kind that lights up and plays music when she kicks her feet.  It also has a mirror on it.  She has gone as much as an hour smiling and making baby noises in it.

She'll hit her 2 month mark on Monday, so I'll post again then!

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cara said...

I'm so glad this week went better! She is so adorable! Looking forward to seeing you both again soon.