Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 6 - Routine and a Dip in the Pool

Kinsey is awake a lot more now!  We are getting some semblance of a routine together, which is nice.  I have the morning figured out pretty well, but not yet the afternoon.  In the morning she eats at 5 or 6, usually sleeps until 8 or 9, and then takes a 45 minute nap before her next feeding.  We are still feeding about every 3 hours during the day.  Most of the time she is ready and asking for it, but sometimes she will go a little longer.  She sleeps more in the afternoon and the evening.  We do her last feeding between 10 and 11 and then she goes right down.  Nighttime is really quite good because she pretty much always goes right back down to sleep after her feedings.

On Saturday afternoon David took Kinsey with him to my cousin's house to babysit her kids.  He knew I was exhausted and I felt very guilty for him doing all the work, but I slept for three hours in the afternoon and then cleaned the entire house in the evening.  It was a great feeling.

Monday was a bit of a rough day.  She was fussy what seemed like the entire day, and not much helped.  She slept like usual at night though, and Tuesday things seemed to calm down and she was back to normal.  She even fell asleep and napped in her bouncy seat, which never happens!  We also went swimming--er, I went in the pool and she sat nearby in her carseat.  I dipped her feet in though for a minute and she didn't seem to mind, until I dipped her bum in, then she cried a little.

In some ways I can believe it's been six weeks, in other ways I can't!

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