Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 5 - One Sick Mama and David Back to Work

Thursday - David and I did some babysitting for one of the Young Married small group meetings, where I was later to find out I caught a stomach bug.

Friday - Pictures taken at the mall.  Kinsey did ok, she would have done better if they had been on time.  We tried feeding her in the middle of taking the pictures and that helped a bit.

Saturday - Kinsey turned one month old!  Went to cousin's softball game, Kinsey was a piece of cake. 

Sunday - And the stomach bug flared its ugly head.  David had taken Kinsey the entire night Saturday night and ended up taking care of her all day Sunday, too.  I was really grateful that the worst of it happened the last day David was still home and not at work!

Monday - David went back to work!  I was still icky and didn't eat a whole lot until dinner.  It wasn't the most fun I've had, but at least I stopped vomiting.

Tuesday - Still getting over this stomach thing.  More energy which is helpful!

Today - I think I'm better!!  Now I have no excuse not to get housework done ;-)

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Leatrice said...

sorry :( Glad you're feeling better thought!