Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 4 - Babies R Us Mishap

As you can see, Phoebe is warming up to Kinsey nicely.  She will lay near her every now and then.  Phoebe still doesn't get along with Moni, as you can see.  The dogs are still the same towards Kinsey, they would like very much to lick her and nudge her if we were to let them.

Kinsey is eating slightly more; about once a day she eats about 4.5 or 5 ounces.  The sleep is still the same; she goes about 3 hours in between feedings.  We took her to my cousin's softball game on Saturday after eating dinner with them and really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air.  We have gone for walks in the stroller.  We are fortunate to live next to a park with walking paths.  We also went to Target and BabiesRUs.  We first tried on Monday to go to BabiesRUs to get stuff off the registry we still needed, but we got all the way to the store and I realized I forgot the giftcards!  So we had a lovely afternoon drive that day.  Then yesterday we finally made it there with the giftcards.  We bought a baby bath (we have been borrowing a friend's before now), a couple toys, some bottles, a bottle drying rack, and bottle brushes. 

Speaking of the bath, my mom said that she never used a baby bathtub for us (did they even have them then?) so I tried using the kitchen sink for Kinsey's first full bath (about week 2) after her umbilical stump fell off.  That was VERY scary.  It was like trying to give a large wet noodle a bath.  Don't know how you did that Mom!  Kinsey enjoys bathtime!  I'll have to take a picture next time to post.

On Monday I also went to girl's night with our Young Marrieds group and got some advice from some of the moms there.  I was asking how much fussing was normal.  For example, when Kinsey is not sleeping (which is most of the time) or eating she is often crying if not being held.  She usually needs to be held in order to fall asleep.  This is not something that has been bothering me by any means, because really she doesn't cry a lot.  But I was just wondering how much alert-without-crying time was normal.  She usually has some non-crying awake time once or twice a day for about 30 minutes or an hour after a feeding and before falling asleep.  So they said for her age it was probably normal and to keep trying things like the swing, bouncy seat, etc. even if they don't help yet along with holding her, swaddling her, rocking her, and using white noise.  The white noise is very effective; I usually make the tv snowy and turn it up very loud.  Combined with holding her and the pacifier, it is calming and she will fall asleep.


Aubrey said...

i cannot get over how cute she is!! I love her chubby cheeks. I've been out a few times with Judah - it feels like such an accomplishment. Plus it's nice to see the outside. I'm glad it's going well. Oh - I just got this moby wrap, which is a way to carry the baby. It's sort of like a swaddle, too, and Judah has consistently just fallen asleep when I put him in it. We went on a walk yesterday with the dog and Judah just contentedly slept. It leaves your hands free so you can get other stuff done if you need to.

Kacy said...

when the boys were tiny one of us would shower with them and the other one would be there to take them when we finished. i even did it several times by myself and just had a towel on the bouncy seat right outside the shower - i guess this is a moot point since you got yourself a baby bath, but just thought i'd share what worked for us :)