Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 2 - Easter

On Thursday my Mom and I took Kinsey into work to meet everyone.  She was calm as could be.  We also went out to lunch afterwards which I considered my first real outing with her, because before that we had just gone to the doctor's office.  I gave Kinsey her first sponge bath on Friday night, and my Mom left on Saturday morning.  Sunday was Easter, and Leatrice invited us over to her house for dinner with her family.  We had an awesome time!  We ate a delicious dinner, took pictures, dyed Easter eggs, and played Wii.  She is an awesome photographer and here is a cute pic of her all dressed up:

Tuesday morning I went to MOPS at church (Mothers of Preschoolers) and met some nice ladies.  It was certainly a different atmosphere than I'm used to being in!  I brought Kinsey of course while David got some rest at home.  The night before he had offered to take the whole night and let me rest, so I took him up off that offer.  She got fussy at about 4:30 am so I came and helped him and then he was able to sleep while I was at MOPS. 

Then today I went to the park and met a couple friends there and got some good tips on feeding and scheduling her, besides enjoying hanging out.  David has class on Wednesday night and I had a book club meeting so I took Kinsey with me.  I'm getting more comfortable going out with her.  Tomorrow is her two week check-up, so we'll see how she's doing (I think she's doing great!).

Here are some more photos from Easter Sunday:


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