Sunday, March 8, 2009

The New Job and Adoption

The new job is going very well. I miss getting off at 3:30 every day but at the same time it has been REALLY nice to sleep in later. Hopefully I will drag my butt out of bed every once in a while to work out before work. We'll see. I did go on Saturday to a yoga class at the base and it was great. The teacher was not all new-agey so it turned out to be a great workout and my abs are hurting! David said he wanted to try it so I would love it if it turned out to be something we enjoy doing together. We are also going to hopefully try out a kickboxing class on base too this week. Again, we'll see.

We had our adoption orientation class at the end of February. We received our to-do packet which, as you can imagine, is quite involved. We have chosen an agency our friends used who adopted in the past. We are hoping to have all our paperwork completed by the end of the month so we can schedule our interviews and home study. Average wait time after we get certified is 9-13 months, but the range is 2 weeks to 2 years. Right now we are working on our paperwork and going to our educational seminars, which are every Tuesday this month. Our first educational seminar was last Tuesday and the topic was infertility. At first I thought, oh great, my favorite topic, and what can they possibly talk about that I don't already know? But it turned out to be fine because they had two adoptive moms come in to talk about their experiences, and they talked a little bit about their infertility but spent most of the time talking about their adoption experience, which was nice to hear their stories.

Regarding my own infertility, I have decided to stop getting any fertility treatments, which includes stopping the clomid. Our adoption agency actually requires that we discontinue fertility treatments, but I am stopping them sooner than we need to and am at peace with my own infertility. Well, that may not be completely true because even though I am fine with not being able to get pregnant so far, I am still not fine talking with/about most of my friend's pregnancies/births/baby showers, etc. So I guess that means I am not completely at peace with it. I don't know, either way, I am much better than I used to be. (Please don't comment on this paragraph unless you have experienced infertility yourself.)

I wish it hadn't been five weeks since I wrote the last blog, but hopefully I will have more news to report on now that things aren't so much at a standstill as they used to be.

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