Thursday, January 29, 2009

This Is Laughable

Sooooo, I quit the job I was determined to keep for a year! I decided I was going to be miserable staying there. I would prefer to work nights on one hand because it is much less stressful. But I would prefer not to work nights because all I end up doing on my off days is sleeping around the clock. So I decided not to stay and I went through a few other interviews over the last couple of days and decided to take a job working at an allergy clinic. I fully expect it to be low stress, and it is Monday-Friday. The money is not as good but no M-F nursing job will ever pay what floor nurses get.

We also finally have our schedule for our adoption orientation. We will be going through seminars every Tuesday from the end of Feb to the end of March. I will keep you posted on how everything goes!

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Rach said...

Wow! I didn't see that coming. Hope you are happy with the job at the allergy clinic, though. And, we'll be praying for everything to go well with the orientations and that your heart's desire will be fulfilled. :)