Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, my good friend Rachael recently posted her amazing birthday surprises given to her by her husband, so now I feel guilty for not having bragged about the surprises my husband gave me for our anniversary. I owe it to him to brag about him!

Two weekends ago he planned our anniversary. We trade years and last year I planned it, so this year it was his turn. He got off work early on Friday, came home, and had me pack my bags for the night. So we did, and then we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch...our favorite fast food. Next, he drove to River Road and I was wondering if he was taking us to the Westin La Paloma...but he drove right by it. So I thought maybe he was taking the long way to the Interstate or something. However, a block later, he flipped a U-turn and drove right back to the Westin! Trying to throw me off track...it worked:) So we checked in to our hotel, which was very nice and reminded me of our honeymoon suite in Honolulu 4 years ago. We napped for a short while (love naps!) and then he said it was time to go. To where, I didn't know for sure, although I guessed he was probably taking me for a massage. I was right...we both had a massage at the Red Door Spa...which was VERY nice. Then, to my surprise, afterwards we hung out at the spa and he ordered a couple glasses of Sangria from room service to be brought to the spa so we could sip them as we sat with our feet in the hot tub. I expected the massage, because, well, David is just that good. But he went above and beyond with the Sangria and hot tub plan!

We came back to the room and took showers and got ready for dinner, which I expected. We went to Janos and had a nice dinner. He had a rose brought to the table, which I pretty well expected too. I don't expect these things in a "deserving" way, but I am not all that surprised by them because that's just how David does things in general.

When we came back to the room, I was kind of expecting that was the end of the surprises...a massage, wine by the hot tub, a nice dinner, and a rose at the table. But there was a plate of chocolates sitting in our room! I know that may seem small in comparison to a massage or fancy dinner, but to me, they were the highlight of the night! I LOVE chocolate, and David had already done enough to make the weekend great...he didn't have to order the chocolates. But he did and it was fantastic. I was pleased as punch.

One more thing! The next morning we woke up and I was looking forward to relaxing in bed...a nice, comfy, fluffy bed. There was a knock at the door and I figured it was just housekeeping seeing if we were still there. David answered the door, and in came breakfast! I was floored. Breakfast in bed to me is so romantic. And he ordered me waffles! I think I mentioned maybe once how much I like waffles.

Thanks David! Don't worry, I already have plans for next year in the works!

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Rach said...

Way to go David!!! Our men have definitely outdone themselves. I am really impressed, though, that you already have next year's plans in the works. That's fantastic.
What a fun anniversary. How romantic and so sweet. A massage AND chocolates!!??!!! Give David a pat on the back from me. Glad it was so memorable.