Monday, September 20, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

It's not Tuesday yet, but most of you won't read this until at least Tuesday.  I'll be very busy toward the end of this week, so I thought I'd do my thankful post early.

1.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store.  I always try to park next to a cart return spot so I can put Kinsey in the car and the return area is right next to my car.  That way I don't have to worry about lugging her to the cart return spot and back to the car again.  This time, however, there weren't any spots open right next to the cart return.  Someone had left their cart in between two parking spaces, so I parked in one of them and used that cart.  That saved me one trek carrying Kinsey.  After I was finished shopping, I put the groceries in the cart and was not looking forward to the carrying that was about to happen.  But from behind an elderly getleman said, "I'll take your cart!" and I replied, "Oh AWESOME, thank you!!".  We went our separate ways and I put Kinsey in car, but as I was about to get in I happened to look back toward the man that took my cart, and he put it away in a return cart slot.  The man didn't even need my cart but was just being kind!  That warms my heart, and I was so thankful.

2.  Today was our adoption court hearing.  Several friends came, and some even slipped out of work to stop by and see us, even if they couldn't make the hearing.  I was thinking how wonderful it was to have friends surrounding us and supporting us constantly.  We waited for about 45 minutes, then the hearing was very short (actual time, 3 minutes).  We took pictures afterwards with the judge and then more outside with our group.  What struck me today was that the hearing was very short, without frills, just all business.  Our friends didn't come to get anything out of it for themselves or to be entertained in any way; they came just to support and surround us with love.  Have I mentioned we have great friends?  I am thankful!

Group picture after the hearing before we went to the Good Egg for brunch.


Danielle Francisco said...

So sorry I couldn't be there with you on your special day. We've all still got the yuckies and are trying NOT to spread it. I'm so happy you guys had friends there to share it with. Congratulations!! We love you guys! Give Kinsey a hug and kiss for us.

Sarah said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon!

ljmiller said...


Rach said...

I was so proud to be there to witness the culmination of such an amazing journey. When I saw you at MOPS and you told me thank you for coming to the hearing, I thought, "thank me? I was HONORED to be invited to be part of such a wonderful, momentous day." So, THANK YOU!