Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still Thankful

I'm still thankful, even though I missed the last two Thankful Thursdays.  Last Thursday I was working and this past Thursday I seemed to have on thing after another going on.  So we'll do a double-thankful-Saturday!

1.  We found a place to send our dogs to be trained.  They stay at the "Wolf Whisperer's" boarding place and she trains them for a month.  When the month is complete, we have graduation day where she works with us to take over the Alpha role.  Then they come home and we work with them 30 minutes a day for two weeks.  That is going to be the hard part for me.  She has a lifetime guarantee, so that is a good thing.  We know that it is actually David and I who are going to be the hardest to teach, not the dogs.  They will pick up the training easily with consistency.  That is why we decided to send them to doggie boarding school, so that we know the trainer will be consistent with them.  Then it's up to us.  What I am thankful for in all of this is that we really liked the trainer and have high hopes for a more peaceful house, and fewer bruises on my legs!

2.  I have been getting a few more hours at work.  I started a second per diem (on call/as needed) job which won't likely give me many hours, but it could turn into more down the road.  I also am going to get a few more hours at my regular job.  I was freaking out a little bit last month only working one day a week.  There was no reason to freak out, because we can survive without me working, but it makes it more comfortable and less stressful when I do work at least a couple days a week.  So I am thankful to have just enough hours now to have a good balance, at least for the next month.

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