Friday, May 1, 2009

First Official Class

So the class I talked about last time was the orientation, it was on the last Tuesday in February. We had our first educational seminar on the first Tuesday in March. The topic was infertility. When I first found out that was the topic I was dreading it. I didn't want to hear about infertility, I wanted to hear about adoption!

It turned out to be fine, though. There were two ladies there who had adopted I think two children each. They talked about their own infertility stories, so it wasn't like it was an informational session. It was actually a relief to hear their stories. They really only talked about infertility for a few minutes each and then gave their adoption story. It was good to hear personal stories from people who've been through the process not just in general, but with the agency we're using.

During that week I didn't really get started getting much of our paperwork together. David worked on a bunch of stuff he needed, but I slacked off. I felt like I still had a month before it was due, so I didn't really do much. I would come to regret that later, even though it all came together on time.

David commented on how he was hoping to get to know more of the couples in our group. We hadn't really interacted much with anyone at that point, but fortunately in the next class we were able to meet a great young couple. I'll write a little more about that next time!

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