Saturday, July 5, 2008

Women and Hobbies

So this discussion came about because a friend of ours in our small group of young married couples stated he didn't think any of the wives in our group had hobbies. Of course we all got defensive! When asked what he classifes as a hobby, he stated something along the lines of, "Something you enjoy spending time doing." My husband added that it had to be something that you wouldn't be disappointed if no one showed up to do it with you. So I asked if playing with the dogs would be classified as a hobby, and the reply was no. If I were to think of something that I enjoy spending time doing every day that I can do alone, it would be playing with the dogs. Rachael asked if hanging out with friends could be considered a hobby, and reply again was no. One girl in our group enjoys ballroom dancing, and so that was classified as a hobby, even though she doesn't do it anymore because it is too expensive.

So I wonder, why don't we have any "hobbies"? If we are all defensive about the fact that we were accused of not having a hobby, why don't we have any?

I don't have one particular answer to this question. I think that the wives in our group favor spending time hanging out and talking with one another over doing a hobby. So in our free time, we'd much rather plan a get together than pursue a hobby. I also wonder if it has anything to do with priorities. Are our priorities more about keeping our homes clean, running errands, and working rather than pursuing a hobby that is just for us? I don't know, what do you think?


Esteban said...

In defense of the women, I have to say that if we have learned anything in our group, it's that women and men think very differently. Maybe we just define or classify "hobbies" differently.

Wikipedia simply defines it as "a hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit."

Just in case, I figured I should see what it also defines "recreation" as. It says the following: "Recreation or fun is the expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one's body or mind. While leisure is more likely a form of entertainment or rest, recreation is active for the participant but in a refreshing and diverting manner."

So one can say that a hobby is a spare-time active pursuit of something fun that is refreshing and helps distracts us from the every day life.

With all that said... it's up to you all to decided what's a hobby and what's not. I choose to plead the fifth (which is appropriate considering Independence Day) and choose NOT to form any opinions on this. I would like to sleep in my bed tonight. ;)

Sarah (Long) Davis said...

Sarah! My husband is always saying that I need a hobby! I too get defensive...my hobby is working; he said that isn't a hobby. He likes to read, play video games and watch movies; good for him, I say. I too would rather hang out with friends and go someplace than sit at home an enjoy my "hobbies". I surf the web a lot looking for furnishings for our house...that too, my husband has said, is not a hobby. I have asked what classies a "hobby", aside from doing something you enjoy outside of work, and he says, "I don't know-something like reading, playing video games or watching movies". Oh, I get it. My hobby has to be something that HE likes to do:)

Kacy said...

I think the explanations in your last paragraph are right on target. Add a kid to the priorities mix and you've got a whole other layer... Then there's always the difference in men's and women's thinking.

Danielle said...

I can honestly say that I had more hobbies when I lived in Florida. One big one was riding and training horses. Since my horses are back in florida that no longer applies...now I like to play piano, scrapbook, play videogames, hike, and can now say geo-caching.

And yes...things definitely change when you have kids. And for all you husbands who claim we have no hobbies, why don't you stay home with the kids this weekend and clean house while us wives go out and have intelligent conversation with our friends and do our hobbies. :)

Leatrice said...

my main hobby would be photography. These may or may not be considered hobbies depending on who you ask: laying out, reading, watching movies,& shopping. All of these I enjoy and it's completely ok with me if I am alone while I do them.

Leatrice said...

Oh and side note: I wish I could spend money on my hobbies in the same manner that my husband gets to spend money on his (ie, video games).

Anonymous said...

Who has time for hobbies, anyway? :-)