Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walking = Good, Gossip = Bad

I've started walking after work with a couple of co-workers. Since I started this job I've gained 5 pounds, which I attribute to being less active at work than I was at my previous job. I also am on a regular schedule which means I eat more regular meals. Working nights I just was too tired to eat when I came home so I would usually only eat two small meals a day. I suppose the "goodies" drawer in my boss' desk isn't helping either. So walking has given me the opportunity not only to get more exercise but also to start building a relationship with two of my co-workers. It's been a lot of fun. The good part is I'm getting to know these ladies well, the bad part is gossip is a huge part of our conversation. I hate that it comes so easily to me.


Leatrice said...

yep, I find myself doing the same thing sometimes without even noticing it. I guess it is just part of human nature!

Esteban said...

DOWN with the gossip!

Seriously, I am glad you at least admit to it and even more happy to know that it's something you want to work on.

Boy do I have stories about what gossip can do.