Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Crazy!

I've always had a heart to adopt an older child.  I used to dream about it when I was a little girl when I heard about children who live in orphanages.  My reason is because there are multitudes of families waiting to adopt babies.  People don't line up to adopt older kids, though, partly because people want the experience of raising a child from birth and partly because there can be very difficult times of readjusting and attachment.  Not to mention a whole other slew of obstacles that can happen.  As kids get older, I can't imagine how they feel knowing they don't have a forever family.  It breaks my heart.

Around the time when we got Kinsey and shortly thereafter, people started asking (and still ask) if we want more kids.  We have gone back and forth, but I often say that I'd like to adopt an older child once Kinsey is older.  I actually had someone today basically tell me this idea was crazy (although he didn't use the word crazy, but it was definitely along those lines).  What I heard in church last night (see previous post) hit me like a ton of bricks right then.  This could be my version of "crazy" the pastor was talking about.   Wow.  The problem is, David is not convinced this is OUR calling.  So then I have to wonder if it is something I am really going to be called to do.  God will have to change one of our minds, or one of us will have to change our minds to God.  I'm excited though that I have something so big that it would even be considered crazy by some!  I want to keep dreaming big, even if big means difficult and scary.

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cara said...

Hmmmmm. I've thought about this also. I definitely feel for those kids who are aware of their situation and have wanted to help in some way. May God give you and David guidance as you seek His will in this.