Sunday, January 23, 2011

Comfort and Crazy

Yesterday David had class from 9-3, so I was hanging out with Kinsey.  She took a shorter-than-usual nap in the morning, so my nap was also cut short.  When she woke up I couldn't believe how tired I was.  I worked a full 5 day week this past week--something I hadn't done in a very long time.  Needless to say, I was really looking forward to her afternoon nap.  Unfortunately, she wasn't having it and was crying in her crib for a good half hour.  David was home by then and gave her more formula which seemed to do the trick.  We had been planning to go to church at 5, but when he came in to wake me up at 4:20 I just didn't think I'd be awake enough to pay attention.  He bribed me out of bed with Wendy's and with guilting me because he didn't want to go by himself! 

I'm SO glad I went.  I was blown away by the sermon.  It's not posted yet, but if you have thirty minutes I would highly recommend listening to it once they get it on the website at http://www.tucsonrevolution.com/sermons/.

We're studying James.  One thing I like so much about Revolution is that they go line by line through books of the Bible.  Their small groups all discuss the same things during the week too, which I think is fantastic.  Sometimes I find myself trying to focus on too many things in my life, so nothing ever changes because I'm on overload.  Our small group studies one thing, we hear about another topic in MOPS, something new in a sermon each week, etc.  Too much for me.  I like the idea of focusing on one thing at a time.

Back to the sermon.  Josh Reich (the pastor) talked about idols.  Namely comfort, approval, control, and power.  Mine is comfort.  ALL of my decisions are based on comfort.  Everything I buy, my career, how I control the finances, etc.  Comfort is no doubt my idol.  You know what comfort brings me??  Stress.  And lots of it.  Josh has said a few times how studies show that we are the most miserable society in the world.  I believe it.  All this stuff that I buy and work for--it all just brings more stress, and more wants. 

One other thing he hit on that struck me was that if our plans aren't "crazy", God might not be in them.  I wasn't totally on board with this thought because I think God can call us to things that seem very ordinary but yet God can have big plans in the seemingly ordinary.  However, it made me look at how much I limit my desires based on what I think I can manage.  I surely could dream a lot bigger, and if I do I bet I'll start to see a whole lot more of what God desires.

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