Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Room

It's quite simple, but I think you could trip over the love and excitement that fills the room!

I'd like to make a tablecloth for the table next to the crib in the same fabric the boppy cover is made in.

These shelves were built by the previous homeowners and they are perfect for the room!

This is a beautiful quilt made by a co-worker of mine.

This is a crib sheet I sewed.


cara said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Looks great! Praise Jesus!

Aubrey said...

It looks so wonderful!! And we're still anxiously awaiting a baby arrival over here, too. It's funny how even though I waited for a while to get pregnant, this waiting the end of pregnancy is tough. We'll be praying for your patience as we pray for our own, and also for a safe, healthy delivery.

Aubrey said...

BTW - I love the handmade sheet. Even though I love to sew, for some reason the idea of sewing a sheet is too intimidating.

Sarah said...

Sewing a sheet was nothing, considering you can't see the seams so you can mess it up as much as you want.