Saturday, July 18, 2009


Normally I have every other Wednesday off work, but because my co-worker has a visitor coming the week after next, she offered to work Monday instead of Wednesday for me. So I get a three day weekend next weekend! I am excited. I initially thought about planning a vacation to Sedona or some other place close by. I was trying to think of where I'd like to go and I asked myself what my ideal three day vacation would be. I realized it would not necessarily involve spending money to stay someplace new or go to a new town/city. It would involve doing activities I already know I enjoy like bowling, shopping, hiking, getting a massage, etc. So I decided I don't need to go somewhere to have a great three-day vacation; I can do it right here in Tucson! I'm going to act like I'm not at home and not do any cooking (not that I do it anyways), cleaning, bills, email, facebook, etc. I'm going to plan my time like I would plan a vacation. So feel free to post a comment with some staycation ideas!


Katie Sue said...

Herb and I loved our staycation! My favorite part was reading a new book. I know it's nerdy, but it's totally what I would do if sitting on a beach! :-)

cara said...

Go to the El Conquistador Resort, do some swimming/poolside time, a day at the spa, and stay in and watch some movies...three days of R & R.