Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Job!

Don't worry, I didn't quit. Still going strong in the same job for over 5 months now! But, in three weeks, I will basically be starting a new job.

We found out at work today that the doctor I work for is no longer going to be in practice by himself but is joining a group of allergists. He is probably going to be heading toward retirement in a few years and this will allow him more flexibility for him and his wife. He and his wife have been trying to find a way for him to cut back, keep his employees employed, and allow his patients full access to care while he cuts back. He said he had tried in the past to join other groups but none would take care of his employees the way the group we are joining offered to. The new group we are joining is gaining our doctor plus two new doctors, so it works out that they will be able to afford the extra employees. My new office will only be a couple miles farther from home than it is now, so I'm satisfied with that. The benefits are better at the new place which is great. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Apparently they have only had one employee leave in the last 15 years, which is comforting.

Certainly this move will help keep me from getting bored. It will be like starting a new job. The only problem is it is obviously causing some anxiety since it is 2am and I am awake and writing this post! Not necessarily bad anxiety, just a general anxiousness with starting a new job and having a new boss. Hopefully sleep will come soon...

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Katie Sue said...

Sounds like a cool new adventure! I hope you are able to find peace and enjoy the journey! (Don't worry I right there with you working on these things!)