Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Not 1am!

I am blogging, and it isn't 1 am! Something is out of the ordinary, here. I am having difficulty sleeping though. But alas, I have taken a sleeping pill and I am blogging, which are my two insomnia remedies!

I haven't had any one light bulb moment recently, which is why I haven't written anything much lately. So I will just ramble about my life and family life in general.

Mom is currently with my half-sister in Vietnam helping her go through the process of adopting a baby.

My sister is soon to have her own baby in October, which is going to come fast. David and I will be visiting her in November when we go back East.

David and I hosted a party for my co-workers on Saturday, which turned out really well.

David is thinking about joining the Border Patrol after retirement in a couple of years instead of becoming a cop. I think that's kind of exciting.

Work is still going well. It is still stress free. There are a few relationships that are strained there because of cliques, but nothing that keeps me awake at night. It's just part of a work environment and part of being around other human beings. I have bonded with one girl in particular there which has been really fun and always a good feeling to gain another friend.

David and I took a trip to Sedona last weekend and had a really nice time. We stayed at a bed and breakfast which was a new experience for both of us. It was really nice, minus the gourmet breakfast! I'm just not into things like eggs benedict. A bowl of cereal or at the most scrambled eggs and bacon, and I'm good! So maybe at our next bed and breakfast we'll try to get a special order or we'll find one that serves something simple...although that is probably hard to find.

Our small group of young married couples has grown to a point where we have decided to break off into at least 2 smaller groups right now. It's heartbreaking for me on one hand because there will be five other girls that I would normally see on an almost weekly basis that I won't see nearly as often anymore. But on the other hand I'm very excited to be part of a new group and get to know two more couples better.

And finally, I ate too many cookies today. Time for a renewed sense of diet, health, and exercise.

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Leatrice said...

When are you going to be gone in Nov? and you have a half sister? Geez, and to think that I thought I knew you... :)