Friday, February 29, 2008

Saving the World

Today I am thankful. I spoke with a lady today who summed up life so well. I am contented with most of the things in my life. I am contented with my husband, even when I look at him and wonder what planet he came from, I still would rather have no other alien-husband than him. My dogs are rambunctious and chew up the walls and the furniture, but when I look at them I am reminded that I would rather have no other dogs than them. My job is so difficult and stressful, yet I am thankful that I get to do the job I do most days of the week. My car is almost 15 years old, but I wouldn't have any other car. I have just the car I want. I look in the mirror and maybe my hair doesn't look that great today, but overall am pleased with what I see. My house may not be finished all completely the way I want it, and sometimes I feel discontented with it, but other times I think about how huge this house is and how wonderful it is to have so much space and the ability to have lots of people over.

I remember times of feeling discontented with most of life, rather than contented. Then I wonder, how did I get to this point that I can look at all these things and feel so at peace? And when did this peace come? I wish I had the magical answer, because then perhaps I could save the world. Only by the Grace of God do I have this peace.

Ahh, Grace, the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.

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Rach said...

Beautiful! You are blessed. I am, too, and I need to remember that and thank God for all His blessings much more often than I do. Oh, and we are blessed that you have such a big home to have lots of people over! Thanks for that, too.