Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feeling Thrifty

I decided to try hanging my laundry outside to dry instead of drying it in the dryer today.  It was painless, although a little more time consuming.  It would be easier if I had an actual clothesline instead of this drying rack, but it served it's purpose. 

This got me thinking about other ways I am thrifty, and curious about how other people are thrifty.  Of course, there is couponing:

We also use CFL bulbs, even though they aren't as attractive and don't work too well in our dimmer lights.

What ways are you thrifty?


Danielle Francisco said...

Two ways are:
1.) I never buy anything at full price.

2.)I buy a lot of my groceries online in bulk. Amazon has some killer deals on food items.

cara said...

Hmmmm....I have to think about this. I don't know if I am thrifty. I do generally buy things on sale or clearance, but not all the time. I definitely do my best to make sure all electronics are turned off when not in use. I refinished my sewing table so I didn't have to buy another. We don't buy a lot of toys for Hadley, we let her play with stuff we already have (old cell phones) or whatever she's gotten as gifts. This definitely makes me think about things.