Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's kind of frustrating, because it's all I have time for.  Ever since I started working part time, all I've been doing at home is cleaning things out.  I've gone through the garage and all the rooms in our house except for our bedroom and thrown away junk or set stuff aside for a garage sale.  Now I want to go back through every room and clean clean clean.  I'd really like to be spending time learning to sew or learning how to use my camera better, but I have a feeling from now until the baby comes (God willing) that I will be continuously cleaning. 

One of my desires through this whole process is not to get caught up in hooplah or be on a babymoon.  That mainly means not buying tons of stuff and not having a baby shower (although there are other reasons I don't want a shower).  But I also need to realize that nesting shouldn't get obsessive.  Certainly there is nothing wrong with having a clean house for a new baby, but having every inch cleaned and sanitized is not necessary.  Since I am prone to obsessiveness with cleaning as it is, I need to really watch what I'm doing so I can focus on things that are much more fun and meaningful than cleaning.  (Good accountability question, ladies!)

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Rach said...

Well, I am curious as to why you don't want a baby shower (do you not want one at all or just not until after KJ is home with you?). And, on another note... be prepared for some accountability on Tuesday. :)