Thursday, December 17, 2009


David submitted his retirement application yesterday! That is crazy! I've only been in my career two years and he's already at 19! It's hard for me to imagine being in a career that long, and also knowing there is a whole other career to go in this lifetime. It seems like such a huge accomplishment, and I can't relate at all. But I'm so proud of him. I joke about his age a lot; lately I've taken to calling him Grandpa! But he has done amazing things in his career. I'm proud of him for being focused on the mission and holding to his integrity even when it sometimes meant not being popular. I'm proud of him for how much he cares about the younger airmen. He has been more than willing to sacrifice his own time and resources to help his troops succeed.

With retirement comes some uncertainty, though. The job market is still shaky and he's only about three to six months from starting the job hunt. I'm not feeling worry right now. I've seen two sets of friends go through job search struggles recently and both have come out stronger for it. So I know the world won't end if things don't go the way we hope. We'll just have to learn and grow with wherever God is taking us! Easier said than done, I know. But I better not kill the optimism yet!


cara said...

yay David! We're proud of him too! Looking forward to seeing how God leads him on his next adventure!

Katie Sue said...

It is so cool to see how highly you speak of your husband! It's such a rarity in this world, and David is lucky to have a wife who sees and speaks the good in him.

Congrats to David! What a huge accomplishment!

Nawabon said...

Gosh it has already been that long?! Good luck to both of you and hope that the new year brings much joy and success :)

LoisJ Miller said...

David, we love retirement (of course, we're 'old' folks)! With your faith, you will have help choosing your path. Godspeed! Each day is a treasure!

We're here if you have any questions.
- - Uncle Glen and Aunt Lois Miller

Meredith said...

Hey Congrats to you both! It takes someone with a lot of patience and endurance and selflessness to be a wife of a military man. I couldn't do it that is for sure! I love how you both are so trusting towards the Lord, it challenges me everyday and makes me stop complaining about my stupid annoyances and just enjoy blessings and trust God when the hard times come. Thanks for being so open to allowing God to use you!