Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pity Party

I remember after graduating from college (the first time) and coming out of depression, I learned how often in my life I had pity parties for myself without realizing it. Today I threw myself another pity party. The difference now is I can recognize that I'm having a pity party for myself, but doggone it, I just want to stay at the party. Leaving the party right now means having to walk by faith and have hope, and right now faith and hope take so much effort that I'd rather just stay at the party. It just seems much easier for right now.


Rach said...

I was just going to email you and ask you how you were doing. Then, I read your blog and sorta got an answer to my question already. I just want you to know I am praying for you. I care about how you are doing and I hope you'll find the energy, motivation and strength to "leave the party".

Katie Sue said...

My mom always says that we are allowed to throw pity parties as long as we put an end time on the invitation. I'm with you, it's harder to do than to say. But I believe that if we step out in faith, out of our pity party into the world, that He will be faithful to provide the hope and faith that we need. I'm praying that for you. May hope surround you as you take that first step of faith.